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Akbar and Birbal

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Akbar - The Great A Little Lesser and a Little More
Akbar's Dream
Back to Square One Birbal Goes to Heaven
Birbal Solves the Problem Birbal's Khichri
Birbal Shortens a Road Birbal Outwits a Cheat
Birbal Denies a Rumor Birbal Returns Home
Birbal Turns the tables Birbal's Choice
Birbal Betrays Himself Birbal Identifies a Guest
Birbal, the Child Birbal Is Brief
Birbal's Sweet Reply Birbal, the Wise
Birbal’s Painting Birbal Identifies the Thief
Birbal Catches a Thief Brilliant Birbal
Birbal - The Brain Birbal Identifies the Guest
Birbal's Beautiful Explanation Birbal Does Justice
Birbal Helps an Astrologer Birbal Passes the Test
Birbal Helps a Pandit
Emperor's Ring
Flowers for Akbar Fast Horse
Four Fools Fear is the Key
Hasty Judgment How many Crows in the Kingdom
Hunting and the Dowry Half the Reward
How Akbar Met Birbal Heavy Burden
Just One Question
List of the Blind
Mullaa's Flattering Answer Milk for the Mullaa
Noble Beggar Neither Here, Nor There
Pundit's Mother Tongue Pandit Sevaram
Poet Raidas Pickled Clue
Protection of the Footmark of an Elephant
Question for Question
Re-Union Red Hot Test
The Cock and the Hen Tit-Bits
The Wicked Barber's Plight The Parrot Neither Eats, Nor Drinks
The Sharpest Shield and Sword The Loyal Gardener
The Emperor's Servant The True King
The Musical Genius The Blind Saint
The Well dispute The Jealous Courtiers
Three Questions The Foolish Brahmin
The Mullaa Uses His Head The Noblest Beggar
The Donkey's Relatives The Poet Raaydaas
Unfaithful Govind
Who Are Donkeys Why is the Camel's Neck Crooked?
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