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Case Studies Case Studies
Apple Inc. (Dividend Policy) AT & T (Corporate Governance)
ACRES International Corp (Emergency preparedness) Canadian Television (Cultural Diversity)
General Electric (Corporate Governance Reforms) Hurricane Katrina and Failure of Emergency Response System
Marks & Spencer (Ethical Standards) United Airlines (Investor Confidence)
Lucent Technologies (Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery) Union Officine Meccaniche (Protecting Intellectual Property)
Union Pacific (Code of Business Conduct and Ethics) Apple Inc. (Compensation)
CNC Equipment (Training and Development) Canon and Sony (Training Programs)
Container Store (Employee Motivation) Universal Behavioral Health (Project Management)
CDW Corporation (Stretch Goals) Syracuse University (Competency-Based Rewards)
Circuit City and Best Buy (Compensation Strategies) Walt Disney Co. (Managers Incentive Scheme)
Walt Disney Co. (Executive Compensation) Domino’s Pizza (Staff Enablement)
JetBlue (Reality Check) Ernst & Young (Skills inventory)
Egon Zehnder International (Compensation) ENSR (Employee Communications)
EnCana Corporation (Employee Motovation) EnCana's (“High-Five” Recognition)
FDIC (Training and Development) State of Florida (Employees Retention)
Federal Express (Employee Feedback) FedEx ("People First")
Fifth Third (Employee Motivation) Seattle (Fish Philosophy)
Google (Employee and Technology Focus) Home Depot (Incentive Program)
Hundai (Culture) IKEA (Rewards Program)
IBM (Pay Structure) IBM (Dual Ladders)
Kermit (Succession Planning) Logical Net Communications (Change Management)
Massachusetts Highway Department (Intrinsic Rewards) Mercy Medical center (Behavioral Modification)
Mitel Corporation (Goal Setting) National Cash Register (Motivation)
Tien Wah Press (Opening the Books) Prudential Building (Management Capability Program)
Virgin Trains (Peer Recognition) Quad/Graphics (Employee Enablement)
Central Park Conservancy (Regina Peruggi Role Switch) Synovis Life Technologies (Employee Inclusion)
Steven Spielberg (Goal Setting) Southwest Airlines (Employee Selection)
Simons and Enz (Study on Motivation and Performance) Silicon Valley (Employee Retention)
Southwest Airlines (Employee Development and Retention) City of Bellevue (Seniority-Based Rewards)
Semco Corporation (Empowerment) Sirius Consulting Group (Self-Leadership)
Tires Plus (Employee Retention) Tyson Foods (Employee Development)
Sprint PCS (Employee Retention) Starbucks (Rewards and Compensation)
UPS (Performance Management System) Warwick (Experiential Learning)
Worthington Industries (Reward Program) Wendy (Training and Development)
Wal-Mart (Employee Retention) WestJet (Profitability Secret)
Agilent Technologies (Event Management) Apollo Group (Product Profitability Model)
America Express (Cause Marketing) Apple, Inc. (Segmentation Strategy)
Baxter International Inc. (Capacity Management) Boise Office Solutions (Customer Relationship Management)
Boeing, Iridium, Gillette and Intel (Capital Budgeting) Chindex (Inflation Response)
Cadillac (Gap Analysis and Risk Mitigation) Chipotle Mexican Grill (Advertising and Publicity)
Comerica Bank (Customer Segmentation Strategy) Campbell Soup (Market Segmentation Strategy)
Frito-Lay (Testing of New-Product Idea's) Fairchild Semiconductor (Marketing Mix)
Greyhound (Product Risk Management Model) General Electric, Marriott, and Toyota (Market Orientation)
Harley-Davidson (Product Development) Harrah Casino (Customer Loyalty and Rewards Program)
Hermitage Museum (Marketing Initiatives) JetBlue Airways (Customer Relationship Management)
Kodak (Business Portfolio Analysis) Little Remedies (Product Line Strategy)
Microsoft Corporation (Identifying Customer Demographics) Microsoft Corporation (RFID Development)
Movie Making (Market Research) Nielsen Media Research (Primary Data Collection)
Ping Golf (ISO 9004) Rollerblade (Product Promotion Strategies)
Southwest Airlines (Marketing Strategy) South Carolina City Council (Response to Inflation)
Siebel / Oracle (TQM Principles) Southwest Airlines (Product Positioning Strategy)
Threadless T-shirt (Customer Acquisition and Retention) Universal Studio (Marketing Mix)
UBS (Response to Interest Rate) Wal-Mart and Home Depot (Product Pricing)
Ebay (Stock-for-Stock Acquisition) Federated Department Stores (Leveraged Buyout Debacle)
Kmart Holdings Corporation and Sears Roebuck (Merger) Google (Acquisition Strategy)
Kellogg (Acquisition Strategy) MyCorporation Business Services (Implementation Planning)
Unilever (Branding Strategy) The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Executive Reporting System)
3M (Focus Groups) 3M (Post-it Flag Highlighter)
Apple Computer (Idea Generation) Fisher-Price (Marketing Research)
L.A. Confidential and A Knight’s Tale (Story behind Success) Gatorade (Product and Brand Management)
Google (Financial Statement Analysis) Kellogg (Product Development Strategy)
Microsoft Corporation (Market Research) Microsoft Corporation (Mobile Technology)
Rollerblade (Idea) Sabre Holdings (Product Development)
Soup Book (Success) Siemens Information and Communications (Corporate Account Management)
Anheuser-Busch and Grupo Modelo (Joint Venture) Alcatel and Finmeccanica (Joint Venture)
Air China (Positioning Strategy) Bridge Mobile (Alliance)
BT Group and Connect Union (Alliance) Corning and Vitro (Joint Venture)
Continental Teves (Supply Management) Citibank's (Six-Sigma)
eBay (Rewards Program) ISS and FIET (Alliance)
Sabre Holdings (Positioning) Southwest Airlines and Union (Alliance)
Wal-Mart (Global Expansion Strategy) Wal-Mart (Transition to the Web)
Xerox and ACTWU (Alliance) Synapse Group Inc (Project Portfolio Management Approach)
AT&T (Learning Experience in Advertising) Brown-Forman (Marketing Strategy)
Coca Cola (Learning Experience in Advertising) Coca Cola (Growth Strategy)
Fran Wilson (Indirect Exporting) General Electric and Tungsram (Joint Venture)
IBM and Nike (Back Translation Problems) Tiffany & Company (Global Marketing)
The SAS Turnaround TotalSecurity.US (Risk Management)
Wal-Mart (Marketing Strategy) Wal-Mart (Global Branding Strategies)
3M (New Product Process) Astra Zeneca (Global & Domestic Outsourcing)
Dell Computers (Global Production Network) Dorothy Lane Market (Customer Retention Strategy)
Federal Express (Distribution Strategy) General Mill (Exploratory Research)
JCP Media (Buying Pattern) Medtronic (Marketing Program)
Mattel (Global Marketing Strategy) Marriott (Multi Branding Strategy)
Medtronic (Market Segmentation Strategy) Marriott Corporation (Idea Generation)
Navistar (Innovation During Recession) Pez Candy (Packaging and Labeling)
Volvo (Idea Generation Using Women Employees) U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE (Gap Analysis and Risk Mitigation)
AR Systems International (Outsourcing) Alcoa Closure Systems International (Outsourcing)
Campbell Soup (Outsourcing) Chevron Texaco (Production Strategy)
Celestica (Supply-chain Collaboration) Caterpillar Inc., Eaton Corp., and ABB Ltd. (Outsourcing)
Campbell Soup (Continuous replenishment System) Club Car (Collection Management System)
Dell Computers (Outsourcing) Ernest & Young (Risk Management Methodology)
First Magnus Financial Corp. (Outsourcing) Fairchild Semiconductor (Outsourcing)
Flextronics (Growth Strategies) General Electric (Logistic Enhancements)
Kellogg (Supply Chain Management) Marsh Consulting (Gap Analysis and Risk Mitigation)
Motorola, Inc. (Supplier Negotiations ) Network Appliance (Demand Planning System)
Schnuck (Market Automatic Replenishment System) Toyota (Lean Production System)
Wal-Mart (Positioning Strategies) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Critical Path Method Methodology)
3M (Cross-Functional Teams) Avanade (Project Implementation)
ACE INA (Risk Management) Ameritech (Project Structure)
Air Products (Resource Allocation and Prioritization) Brown-Forman Corp Systems (Working Capital Management)
Coca Cola (Working Capital Management) Camelot Group (Project Implementation Methodology)
Conchango (Collaboration Strategy) Decarlo Group (Extreme Project Management)
Florida Hospital (Incremental Project Implementation) Federal Mogul (Project Prioritization and Funding)
General Electric’s (Implementation Planning) GEC Marconi Aerospace (Gap Analysis and Risk Mitigation)
Google (Global Expansion Strategy) Google (Working Capital Management)
Habitat for Humanity New Zealand (Critical Chain Principles) Hewlett Packard (Organization Restructuring)
Mexican Petroleum Institute (Project Portfolio Management) Microsoft Corporation (Project Tracking System)
Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Google (Working Capital Management) Norfolk Southern (Project Implementation)
Northrop Grumman (Electronic Systems Implementation Plan) Onsite Energy Corporation (Notes Payable)
Qualcomm (Working Capital Management) Ryan Companies (Implementation Planning)
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