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ACRES International Corp emergency preparedness plans

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ACRES International Corp., an engineering consulting firm specializing in hydraulic engineering, was selected to assist El Salvador and Costa Rica develop and implement an aggressive program to minimize risk of dam failure or flooding. This program was initiated after the devastating impact of the worst hurricane in 200 years hit Central America.  Acres was given 2 objectives:

1) Dam safety standards need to be developed along with appropriate regulations and identify the regulatory entity.

2) Procedures for conducting studies of dam safety and programs for training local personnel to conduct the studies.

Acres partnered with local utilities to conduct safety inspections of all major dams in El Salvador and Costa Rica. As a result of this effort hands-on training was provided to more than 50 local personnel. Acres taught the locals to use advanced computer technologies including 3D dam integrity and hydraulic analysis. In addition Acres assisted the local utilities in developing emergency preparedness plans. In this effort Acres conducted workshops and classroom training. A reduced risk to local populations as well as the environment has been realized by the implementation of the program. (Fletcher, 2005).

Companies can learn from this example, to create an emergency preparedness plan using methodologies similar to Acres to respond to both internal and external threats.


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