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Agilent Technologies Event Management

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To meet customer needs in a highly volatile and customized product market, Agilent’s California Semiconductor Test Division (CTSD) uses event management to react to the demand swings within its dynamic business environment. To aid CTSD’s planning efforts, the company implemented Webplan’s demand management software, Rapid Response. The front-end application links directly to back-end and other front-end systems and centers around three technologies.

Web-based active spreadsheets, delivers live enterprise data from ERP, forecast, or planning systems and immediately shows the impact of a demand change on supply requirements. The resolution engine allows scenario creation with input access for partners, and a merged view of options and scenario outcomes. Scorecarding, the third technology, judges options against key performance indicators (KPIs) and performance metrics for day-to-day and long-impact against key metrics. With Rapid Response, Agilent reduced the resources needed to manually create scenarios, which were usually outdated on completion. Executives at CTSD can now accurately project all the information needed to make educated, informed decisions regarding product demand (Ericson, 2004).

Companies can learn from this example, and could implement event management systems to provide deeper granularity for operational planning, which is more tuned to problem identification and resolution for the long-term.


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