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Astra Zeneca Global & Domestic Outsourcing

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Global and domestic outsourcing can play a key role for Astra Zeneca in shortening the drug development process by enabling pharmaceutical companies to hand off selected tasks, thereby freeing up resources to devote more time to additional strategic activities. Global outsourcing also can enhance the quality of and access to talent. Many firms are tapping into India's pool of scientists, who have solid capabilities and strong expertise. Astra Zeneca recently built a research facility in Bangalore that focuses on tuberculosis.

Astra Zeneca plans to invest another $30 million during the next five years for laboratory equipment and operations costs. Although cost--cutting often is the first reason cited--and certainly a key concern--global outsourcing can yield various benefits. First, time is money, and outsourcing can save time. If companies can shorten today's long lead times for drug development by handing off tasks to third parties that can perform them more quickly because of fewer constraints or additional resources, they will find themselves in an advantageous position.

Companies can learn from this example, and institute global outsourcing to help address cost pressures, time-to-market and the need for increased productivity, while also leveraging capacity and capabilities; it is inevitable that the global outsourcing trend will help companies grow.


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