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Boise Office Solutions Customer Relationship Management

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Boise Office Solutions is in the highly competitive office supply industry with profoundly small margins and has to compete with office supply superstores such as Staples and Office Depot (Greenguard, 2002).  Greenguard (2002) reports that the only way for Boise Office Solutions to compete in the office supply market was to provide greater value and superior customer service.   Boise was successful because the marketing division developed a CRM project and mapped out how sales and support staff could tap into data to help do their jobs more effectively (Greenguard, 2002).

Office Depot, one of Boise’s competitors, installed CRM software in 1999 (Collett, 2004).  However, Office Depot’s has not been successful taking advantage of CRM data and the next challenge is to leverage the data into a competitive advantage.  Clarry, Fuller, and Tyson (2005) report that “an effective governance process is characterized by both methodological comprehensiveness and social interventions where key stakeholders build collaborative relationships and shared understanding.”  Boise’s CEO and senior management are invested and actively aligned with the CRM strategy.  Greenguard (2002) reports that Boise Office Solutions is saving about $3.5 million annually and expects to achieve ROI on the CRM project within three years. Furthermore, Boise Office Solutions customer retention is up, profit margins are expanding and consequently Boise is in a position to outperform competitors (Greenguard, 2002).

Companies can learn from this example, to create and leverage CRM data that will help marketing, sales, and support functions to provide greater value and superior customer service. Key to the creation of an effective CRM solution is collaboration between different staff- and line organizations to create Business Intelligence.


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