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Cadillac’s Gap Analysis and Risk Mitigation Approach

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Cadillac and the parent General Motors initiated a process to understand and correct problems leading to lost opportunities at the Cadillac dealerships. The process addressed the sales relationship and customer service. An outside consultant conducted an extensive survey of customer experience by using a comprehensive questionnaire. In addition, the consultant surveyed customers of Cadillac’s competitors to discover the competitive differentiators.  By comparing the results of the 2 surveys the consultant developed a gap analysis that provided each included dealership an actionable list of where the dealership could improve the customer experience in both sales and service. As the change process was introducing culture change in the dealerships a level of resistance was being realized. In order to mitigate the risk of failure, Cadillac deployed Standards of Excellence facilitators to assist the dealership management in the transformation of their cultures.(Baker, 2006).

Companies can learn from this example to hire an outside consultant to query companies stakeholders (employees, customers, management, investors and partners) to determine what they are wanting from the company. The consultant can then survey industry landscape to determine what others have been doing in this area. The gap analysis can be developed from which an actionable list of objectives and task can be developed.


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