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Camelot Group‘s Project Implementation Methodology

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Camelot Group, PLC is the licensed operator of the UK National Lottery and develops and runs LOTTO and other games on the internet. Camelot was under heavy pressure to confront complex system implementations when it won contracts to replace all lottery retail terminals in Great Britain. The company faces fines of £1 million for everyday the lottery is down.

Tim Newing, Camelot’s IT director, took a completely fresh approach to development that reduces risk and creates a manageable schedule for complex tasks. His advice is three fold: 1) do not think in terms of a single complex project but rather as a collection of simple projects; 2) manage and run projects as a separate unit from normal operations; and 3) keep focus on the original scope to plan project closedowns.

Although breaking the initial complex task into smaller projects creates additional work, these projects increase the knowledge and capabilities of staff, reduce risks, and provide quick returns. The results for Camelot is that the company has never faced a fine, is a leader in online gaming, and is the largest private dedicated ISDN network in Europe (Vowler, 2006).

Companies can learn from this example and create a effective Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to develop, implement and manage a successful project.

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