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Celestica’s Portal to Supply-chain Collaboration

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Customers specifically demanded better available-to-promise (ATP) capabilities, so they would be confident that Celestica could deliver specific items by an agreed-upon date. Responding to ATPs had been a manual, time-consuming process. Customers would submit ATP queries to Celestica by any number of methods to inquire about whether the manufacturer could fill the order. Employees searched through reports on capacity, material availability and throughput from various legacy systems in order to respond.

With customers all over the world, and over 40 locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Celestica needed a portal that could extract ATP information from the company’s supply-chain systems without regard to geography. Moreover, the challenge for Celestica was to create a robust, scalable portal that offered security, reusability and compliance with open standards for ease of integration among customers and ultimately suppliers.

Celestica implemented a customer-facing portal. Now, when customers submit ATPs, the portal automatically accesses Celestica’s back-end systems and applies algorithms about the information retrieved to provide answers to customers instantaneously.

“We can get back to the customer in a matter of five or 10 minutes,” says David Cefai, vice president of IT strategic solutions for Celestica. “Our customers can then readily understand — and plan for — the ramifications of certain scenarios. And we don’t have to get involved in 80 percent of the process, which enables us to leverage our resources to truly add value to the other 20 percent.”

Companies can learn from this example, and implement an e-business portal to provide greater responsiveness to customer demands, while reducing costly inefficiencies by matching Supply and Demand patterns.


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