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Domino’s Pizza Administrative and Management staff Enablement

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At Domino’s Pizza, sending the CEO back to the front lines isn’t good enough. The Ann Arbor, Michigan, company has developed a week-long Pizza Prep School where its administrative and management staff receive 20 hours of classroom instruction in operating a pizza store along with 24 hours of hands-on experience. The experience gives everyone a better understanding of how their decisions affect the company’s retail outlets. Pizza Prep School has been so successful that J. Walter Thompson, the company that provides marketing services to Domino’s, is also sending its account executives through the program.“ If you know the ins and outs of the operation of a pizza store, you can develop marketing programs from an operational perspective,” says a J. Walter Thompson executive.

Companies can learn from this example, to help administrative and management personnel to dig into the trenches of front-line workers and hone there critical thinking and decision making skills.

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