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ENSR Fostering Employee Communications

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ENSR, an environmental consultant firm, took a scorecard approach to guiding performance and motivation.  Their theory was that by providing employees with a clear picture of exactly what factors direct their day-to-day business, the employees would be better empowered to make decisions that positively affect those goals, as well as motivate them to do better. 

ENSR built a “real-time digital dashboard that would give every employee access to key performance indicators (KPIs) versus company goals from the company level to the individual level” (Melcrum Publishing, Ltd., 2006).  They displayed the scorecard results in easy-to-read graphics showing 13-month year-over-year data for each metric area. These graphics were promoted to the employees as an effective learning tool. Further, they provided the employees with a glossary of terms to educate them on how the metrics are derived. The scorecard was routinely discussed at meetings to ensure understanding and used to drive success in desired areas. 

This type of system would benefit Companies as it would ensure an understanding by the employees of each department as to which business goals they are affecting and how they stack up in performance level. It would show the employees how they affect the bottom line of the company and make them feel like they are adding value. It would also motivate employees to improve in areas where they are lacking and drive them to better influence areas affected by their department.

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