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Ernst & Young's skills inventory

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Ernst & Young figures that its knowledge falls into three categories of content. “The first is benchmark data—studies, surveys, industry facts, and figures. . Second content is point-to-point knowledge, which is people sharing what they know. And finally, expert knowledge, or the best people in a given area who know how to solve specific problems” says [chief knowledge officer John] Peetz. To tie these contents together, Ernest & Young created “power packs,” or databases on specific business areas that employees load into laptops. Those packs also contain contact information for the firm’s network of subject matter experts. If a consultant runs into a glitch in a supply-chain management proposal, for example, he or she can instantly find and get help from Ernst & Young’s most experienced supply chain master.

Companies can learn from this example to effectively identify and use internal resources to solve complex day-to-day problems.


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