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FedEx "People First" Philosophy

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FedEx adopted a “people first” philosophy which is built on the premise that a satisfied employee is a productive employee; one who is more likely to deliver on our brand promise to make every experience outstanding (McWilliams & Burkett, 2006).  FedEx has “town hall” meetings that bring together management and front line employees for dialogue and to link employee efforts to the big picture to show the employees what success looks like at the company.  The company sponsors many reward and recognition programs that honor and reinforce positive behavior; all with the aim to inspire employees to be the best (McWilliams & Burkett, 2006).

The president of the company switched places with a courier and had his experiences televised on a national television program which created positive brand impression both for the employees as well as the public.

Companies can learn fro FedEx, and create a channel for open communication and motivate employees by intrinsic- and extrinsic rewards program. It will be important to note that “motivation”, and “communication” influences “employee productivity” just as “Unemployment Data” influences “Stock Market”.  

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