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Florida Hospital ‘s Incremental Project Implementation Methodology

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Florida Hospital is an acute care hospital system that has had over one million visits by residents in central Florida. The hospital system is responsible for maintaining the healthcare records of each visit. In 1997 Florida Hospital decided to restructure their clinical information processes.

Their project implementation would create an electronic healthcare record that would be interdisciplinary. Their initial strategy was to shift to an electronic healthcare record in one major implementation. However, this approach proved to be ineffective. After three years coordinators of the project decided a better approach was needed.

They decided that smaller incremental steps would be the best approach to implementing this project. This approach proved to be successful. “In 2001 the hospital decided to reach its goal through a series of smaller incremental steps. The revised plan proved extremely successful, enabling all seven of the system’s hospital to go live in 18 months.” (Hamilton, Jacob, Koch, and Quammen, 2004).

The management team apportioned the project into units according to priorities. Smaller incremental steps were used for project implementation, and as a result project implementation was more manageable. The management team project plan and successful implementation enabled the hospital to restructure their clinical information processes by shifting to electronic healthcare records. The implementation of electronic healthcare records integrated the Florida Hospital multi-campus system. “In January 2003, finance executives assessed the impact of system integration on clinical staff and found clinicians unanimous in their support of the technology. (Hamilton, Jacob, Koch, and Quammen, 2004).

Companies can learn from this example and instead of solving “The World Problem”, apportioned the project into incremental units according to priorities.


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