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Frito-Lay Testing of New-Product Idea's

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Frito-Lay spent a year interviewing 10,000 consumers about the concept of a multigrain snack chip before introducing its highly successful Sun Chips.

But the consumers are now changing, concerned about healthy snacks, low-carb foods, Atkin’s diets, trans fats, and so on—topics few Americans even thought about a couple of years ago. Frito-Lay is now focusing efforts on a critical research issue: healthy snacks that taste good. Frito-Lay’s big challenge is that healthy snacks taste distinctly. . . uh. . . healthy because they lack the salt, fats, and sugars that give the taste that is the reason most Americans eat them. So Frito-Lay in 2003 launched a line of natural snacks, including such consumer favorites as Ruffles, Tostitos, and Cheetos. In fall 2003, Frito-Lay announced that it cooks these snacks in oils without trans fat, a big benefit for health because research shows trans fats raise the level of LDL, what doctors call the “bad cholesterol.” The company was one of the first to put nutrition labels on the front of its snacks that included fat content. Purchase decisions by consumers like you will determine the success of this new line of Frito-Lay healthier snacks.

Companies can learn from Frito-Lay. Concept tests are external evaluations that consist of preliminary testing of the new-product idea (rather than the actual product) with consumers helps. Often they help understand several key questions are asked during concept testing: How does the customer perceive the product? Who would use it? How would it be used?.

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