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GEC-Marconi Aerospace Gap Analysis and Risk Mitigation Approach

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GEC-Marconi Aerospace, Ltd. is a company that designs and produces important parts for aircraft and air/land systems. GEC-Marconi Aerospace, Ltd. has had continuous success implementing appropriate technologies and concepts at appropriate times. However, a gap analysis was used to study GEC-Marconi’s marketing and production functions. The gap analysis identified a gap between the two functions. “For any company, measuring its performance with respect to customers’ expectations is crucial in selecting suitable strategies and technologies that it will employ in producing and marketing the right product mix. This certainly holds for GEC-Marconi…..” (Gunasaseken, Tirtiroglu, and Wolstencroft, 2002, pg.1).  GEC-Marconi Aerospace, Ltd. will reduce the gap between marketing and production by creating cross-functional teams that will eliminate the differences between them; and the company will determine alternatives to performance-based pay to keep employees motivated.

Companies can learn from this example to review and analyze functional Gaps to reduce the appropriate organization structure for companies to sustain and evolve.


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