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General Electric’s (GE) Implementation Planning

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From a software point of view, the General Electrics (GE), RC2000 universal robot controller has been an unqualified success story.

At the time of the introduction of the RC2000 at the 1984 Chicago International Machine Tool Show, the development team had met or exceeded virtually all expectations. Schedules were consistently met even though several unplanned interruptions especially show support effort, required additional load on the development team. Most builds were met on time with one build being one day late and another build only a week late. Mating the RC2000 with a new robotic arm was even pulled in by three weeks due to heroic efforts by several members from the Software and Systems Engineering teams. Although casual overtime was consistently put in, scheduled overtime was required for only one month to meet schedule commitments. GE attributes the success to effective implementation planning elements such as: project scope, planning, culture and structure (Lawrence, J., 1985).

Companies can learn from this example and create an implementation plan taking into consideration dimensions such as project scope, planning, culture and project structure.


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