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JetBlue Airways Customer Relationship Management

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JetBlue Airways was founded in 2000 with exceptional customer service as the airlines competitive advantage.  Even when faced with customer service challenges, JetBlue’s commitment to customer service is a standard to be benchmarked by all companies.  Kercher (2007) reports that airlines have created a climate of low expectations.  JetBlue actively survey’s customers and does not use outsourced telemarketers working from a script; a JetBlue employee actively engages customers in a conversation and asks customers for their opinion of “what went wrong and how they could fix it” (Kercher, 2007).  Kercher (2007) reports that by bringing customers into the process and actively seeking opinions and feedback, JetBlue is an exemplary lesson in customer relations. 

According to frequent JetBlue travelers, often JetBlue’s CEO works as a flight attendant serving and surveying customers aboard JetBlue flights (personal communication, May 1, 2007).  JetBlue Airways (2007) reports that “JetBlue Airways exists to provide superior service in every aspect of our customer’s air travel experience.”  In order to reaffirm JetBlue’s commitment to customer service ahead of the airline industry, JetBlue has established a Bill of Rights for customers.

Often a company’s ideas of what the company sells is wrong because successful companies do not just sell products, companies sell positive, personal customer experiences (Myron, 2005).  Myron (2005) reports that “the airline that knows how to set passengers more at ease from booking the flight to touching down will win loyalty.”   JetBlue learned that what JetBlue sells are not primarily seats on a plane but customer service (Myron, 2005).  JetBlue offers several ways to alleviate passenger stress, “such as soothing preflight music, friendly, helpful employees, and satellite television and different kinds of in-flight music to personalize each passenger's experience” (Myron, 2005).  Applebaum (2002) reports that the future of customer service will revolve around one-to-one marketing techniques in which "the person serving you will know everything about you."

Companies can learn from this example, where-in senior and executive management can invest time with customers to identify customer “needs” and “wants” and help create a enrich customer experience.


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