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MyCorporation Business Services Implementation Planning

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MyCorporation Business Services (MBS) is an internet based service provider for the incorporating a business and filing registration documents using web. When Intuit Corp. bought the firm there was an identified need to increase the conversion click it was receiving from the web (i.e. convert keyword searches on web to sales for MBS).

MBS started planning for increasing conversion from keyword hits. First MBS analyzed their current situation by assessing the main page. MBS observed that most keywords referred back to the home-page that did not result in conversion. Then MBS set a goal to increase keywords by 500%. MBS determined that keywords should be linked to pages that would increase probability of conversion to sales. Then the Intuit organization set a budget for keyword advertising based on performance.

MBS conducted a web marketing study to determine the viability of their plan. As a result of the study MBS realized that it was not necessary to come up number 1 in search engine returns but anywhere in top 4 was acceptable. As a result of the extensive planning the MBS realized an improved click-through rate of 400% with significant rise in revenue. (Bannan, 2006).

Companies can learn from this example and create an implementation plan augmented by marketing research with an objective to increase the sales.


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