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Rollerblade’s Product Promotion Strategies

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At Rollerblade’s launch two decades ago only one in-line skate manufacturer existed—Rollerblade. The company had only a single skate line and there were few sales. No one had heard of in-line skating! So Rollerblade used a “guerrilla marketing” campaign to get the word out. It used a tiny budget to develop attention-getting promotions to make people aware of the skates and to try them. Promotions ranged from “Demo Vans” in supermarket parking lots, where prospects could try the skates for a half hour, to putting Rollerblade skates on Minnesota Viking cheerleaders at a football game or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Marketing research was almost limited to what skaters told the Demo Van drivers.

Companies can learn from this example, to create innovative promotional strategies under tight budget constraints. Providing Incentives to Customer to try and promote a product in marketplace such as supermarkets, will help companies to bootstrap there Product Launch.

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