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Ryan Companies Implementation Planning

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Ryan Companies is a real estate firm who realize that before they can help their customers effectively, that they must help themselves.  Forty-five percent of the firm’s staff works from remote construction sites throughout the United States—keeping employees’ laptops up and running is essential. 

A down laptop means lose of profit.  If employees are in the field and had an issue, such as a virus infection, they would have to ship the computers back to Ryan Companies’ help-desk team leader. When this wasn’t an option, help-desk employees would, in some cases, provide several hours’ worth of phone support for the superintendents, or fly from the company’s Minneapolis office to one of many construction sites.

Therefore, Ryan Companies decided to implement a Web-based access, support, and collaboration software system.  The Web-based service that connects computers and enables help desk personnel to share a computer screen, mouse, and keyboard controls. The help desk uses GoToAssist to remotely resolve issues in the field, getting employees back to work within minutes.  The firm reduced help-desk call by 90 percent, lowered shipping costs from returned laptops, and has saved on travel expenses by keeping the help-desk team from flying to job sites. (Beasty, 2006).

Companies can learn from this example and use collaboration technologies to enhance employee productivity and enable their customer-focused strategies. CITE THIS AS: YouSigma. (2008). “Ryan Companies Implementation Planning." From

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