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Sabre Holdings Product Development

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The Sabre system was a business application developed in 1959 by American Airlines and IBM, which later became a company. It was the first real-time business application that enabled American Airlines to replace the handwritten passenger reservations system of the 1950s with the automated reservation system. In 1960 the first Sabre system was installed on two IBM 7090 computers located in a specially designed computer center in Briarcliff Manor, New York. The telecommunication network of the system spread throughout the US in 1964.

The Sabre system was moved to a new consolidated computer center in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1972 that was designed to house all of American Airlines’ data processing facilities. In 1976, the Sabre system was installed in a travel agency, triggering the wave of travel automation. By 1978, the Sabre system could store one million fares.

The company expanded it operations into Canada in 1983. In the next year, Bargain Finder pricing was introduced through the Sabre system. Later in 1985, easySabre was introduced that allowed consumers using personal computers to tap into the Sabre system through online services to access airline, hotel and car rental reservations. In 1986, Sabre expanded into the UK. Sabre airline solutions began providing software, consulting and systems management services to other airlines in areas such as revenue accounting, yield management, and crew scheduling.

Later during 1992, Sabre introduced the Sabre AirFlit flight scheduling system. Two years later, Sabre and SNCF (French National Railroad) installed the RESARAIL rail reservations and distribution system for the TGV network.

The company went public in 1996. During the same year, the company launched Travelocity, the first site to offer reservations and travel information on the internet.

In 1999, the company launched various software solutions such as Best Fare Finder, Virtually There, and Sales Manager. E-Voya, another software tool was introduced in 2000 for travel agencies connected to the company. During the same time, Pass Touch, a self serve passenger system, was introduced. In the same year, Sabre purchased GetThere, an online corporate travel booking tool. Sabre eVoya Webtop was also introduced, making it simple for Sabre connected agencies to become internet ready.

In 2004, Sabre travel network launched MySabre, a new Web-based agent booking portal. In the same year, Travelocity launched its French consumer travel Web site, Odysia, expanding its online presence in France.

Companies can learn from Sabre, to evolve their product development to cater domestic and the Global Marketplace.  Effective implementation of product development strategy (substantial modification of existing products or developing new products for currently served markets and customers), will help companies to future “Market Growth” and “Competitive Positioning”.


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