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Sirius Consulting Group’s Self-Leadership Practices

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Sirius Consulting Group’s Self-Leadership Practices

Sirius Consulting Group has been growing by leaps and bounds because it picks employees who apply self-leadership practices. “Here, you manage your own workload, set deadlines and project plans,” says Siobhan MacDonald, senior account manager at the firm which matches 4,000 independent IT professionals to clients. Sirius account managers (three of whom are shown in the photo) are responsible for filing a monthly sales report and attending a brief weekly meeting, but otherwise they set their own hours. The proof of this self-leadership is in the six-figure paychecks that many account managers earn. “If you’re selfmotivated and a hard worker, there’s no ceiling on what you can produce,” MacDonald advises. Companies can learn from this example,the five elements of self-leadership practices, which generally follow each other in a sequence, are personal goal setting, constructive thought patterns, designing natural rewards, self-monitoring, and self-reinforcement. CITE THIS AS: YouSigma. (2008). “Sirius Consulting Group’s Self-Leadership Practices." From

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