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Sprint PCS Employee Retention Program

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Sprint, as Craig Taylor wrote in the article, “Focus on talent”, and many other companies like it, had actively pursed conventional wisdom and realized that employees today want substance from their leaders. Deeanne King, director of performance development, customer solutions, for Sprint's PCS division, stated that the company had tried implementing a lot of programs that were “employee-centric” to address this desire. Some of these programs worked while others didn’t.  Overall, Sprint wasn’t where they needed to be in terms of retention and career development.  So Sprint teamed up with TalentKeepers, a job analysis and consulting firm, who helped them develop a new approach to their retention shortcomings.  TalentKeepers worked with Sprint and helped them realize that their front managers played a crucial step in keeping employees with the company.  It was determined that employees who had good relationships with their immediate supervisors were more apt to stay.  Pay and benefits were for many at the company expected, so a leader that could be expected to treat someone fairly, understand them, and be trusted could make all the difference for an employee.

The first step of the new retention strategy, involved assessing the current retention skill of Sprint PCS leaders.  After going over the scores of those leaders as given by their teams, each leader was given a development plan focusing on the competencies they were determined to need work on.

     The results of the new retention policy, rolled out to select pilot customer contact centers initially, was that based on its success it was implemented at the remaining centers as well.  Sprint’s projected savings are in the several million dollars range related to the associated reduction in labor costs and lower attrition rates.

     Sprint did not see their retention plan go off perfectly in the beginning of its implementation stages.  Aside from some common and expected technical issues, the biggest challenge was keeping the plan at the top of the priority list for all customer contact centers.

Companies can learn from Sprint PCS, creation and implementation of Retention Strategy and building the goals in supervisor’s development plan will help companies to reduce “turnover costs”, and also mitigate risk of loosing knowledge to competitors.

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