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Tires Plus Employee Retention Strategy

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As Gabe Lopez, of Tires Plus, discovered employee feedback is important in order to retain good employees (Gegax, 2006).  Lopez toured his Tire Plus stores gaining feedback on how operations were running when he encountered an employee who had worked a 70 hour work week and realized was told after that he had been promoted to manager and was no longer on an hour salary.  The employee felt as if though the company had stripped him of the overtime pay and nothing could be done.  Lopez immediately pulled out his cellular phone to call the company’s department of human resource to investigate the situation.  Lopez was told that the employees’ predicament was a unique one and that there was nothing that could be done.  Lopez argued that the employee should not be penalized for a promotion and should be dealt with much like a customer.   One week later, the employee retained his promotion while receiving an overtime check.  When the employee was asked how Lopez handled the situation, the employee expressed an initial frustration with the company and wanted to find another job.  However, the viewpoint quickly changed when Lopez rectified the situation almost immediately.  Had the situation not been handled, the valued employee would have quit working at Tires Plus and worked for the competition.  Instead the employee has regained confidence in upper management and realizes that he is a valuable asset to the organization.

Companies can use this example to reemphasize the importance of employee feedback and how it pertains to keeping exceptional employees.  Once a routine feedback system is implemented, Leadership Team can retain key players to increase the company’s success.


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