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TotalSecurity.US Risk Management Approach

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There are many uncertainties that can affect the achievement of project objectives. These include threats that can harm project and opportunities that help us work faster smarter and cheaper. (Hillson, 2006) ‘TotalSecurity.US is a world leader in homeland security consulting, anti-terrorism training, threat assessment and infrastructure security’. (Homeland Security Preparedness and Response Management System, 2006) TotalSecurity.US combines unmatched field experience with advanced analytical modeling to provide its clients with a comprehensive analysis of their security preparedness and vulnerability to man-made and natural emergencies. 

The major components of the TERM® model are:

TSMS™ system used by TotalSecurity.US provides a structured process for the continuous improvement of emergency response effectiveness through an iterative feedback cycle. The results of training, drills and tests are analyzed to highlight areas in need of improvement, and emergency plans are refined by capturing and integrating lessons learned.

Companies can learn from this example, to take a holistic approach and address all dimensions for a successful emergency response effectiveness program.


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