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Universal Behavioral Health's Project Management

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The Universal Behavioral Health organization has 24 projects in process in order to finish a claims conversion program. There are 120 employees working on the projects. The project manager uses Microsoft Project Server software to help control and monitor project threats. She also has a special design risk management tool that “match mitigation strategies with individual project assignments and due dates.” (Hoffman, 2006, p.30). These make project threats immediately noticeable because the project’s risks are always kept in eyesight. Universal Behavioral Health has created two special groups. The first group is called the “executive steering committee. They monitor the project’s progress and risk. The second group is called the “user-advisory committee”. They take care of stakeholders issues/concerns.  Both groups meet monthly. There are also working groups. “Working groups meet weekly to discuss the schedule of project deliverables, and stakeholders communicate via email and conference call in the interim.” (Hoffman, 2006) This practice has proven successful. The organization is half way completed with the implementation of their claims conversion program.

Companies can learn from this example, to create and strengthen their Project management Office (PMO) and improve project success ratios.


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