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Gem Therapy What is Gem Therapy?

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For Acidity To Avert Accidents
For Anemia For Arthritis
For Asthma
For Backache For Baldness
For Bladder Problem For Blindness
For Blood Pressure For Bone Disease (Osteitis)
For Brain Fever For Bronchitis
For Cancer For Cataract
For Cirrhosis Liver For Common Cold
For Constipation
For Diabetes For Digestive Disorder
For Diseases of the Blood
For Ear Trouble For Eczema
For Epilepsy
For Gastric Ulcer For Gall Stones
For Goiter For Gonorrhoea
For Gout or Rheumatism
For Heart Diseases For Hepatitis
For Hernia For Hysteria
For Impotence For Insomnia
For Jaundice
For Leucoderma For Leukemia
For Menstrual Disorders For Mental Illness
For Miscarriage
For Paralysis For Piles
For Pneumonia
For Syphillis
For Throat Problems For Toothache
For Tuberculosis For Typhoid
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