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Indian Sarsaparilla or Anantamul

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Latin Name(s): Hemidesmus indicus

English Name(s): Indian Sarsaparilla

Sanskrit / Indian Name (s): Anantamul, Sariva


Cure for: It is a well known herb used in many medicinal preparations. Usually the root of the plant is used but in some cases whole plant is also used. The root of plant have cooling, antipyretic, alexiteric, anti-diarrhea properties and used to cure various ailments of body. This plant is very useful in treating abdominal problems, skin diseases, bone ailments, respiratory disorders, urinary infections and some types of fever. This herb is also effective in foul body odor, blood disorders, dysentery, diarrhea, burning sensation, piles and eye troubles.

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"Indian Sarsaparilla or Anantamul";