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Pomegranate or Anar 

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Latin Names: Punica Granatum

English Name: Pomegranate

Sanskrit / Indian Name: Dadima, Anar


Cure for: Pomegranate's roots leaves, fruit, rind, seeds are all used for medicinal purposes. Its soft seeds are juicy, bit pungent but very tasty, delicious & invigorating. Pomegranate is digestive, carminative, enhances semen formation, activates memory, destroys disturbances caused by wind, bile, phlegm, improves formation of hemoglobin & is a very good blood purifier. A decoction of seed is used to treat syphilis. Its juice of seeds is used to treat jaundice and diarrhea and juice of flower is used to treat nosebleeds.

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"Pomegranate or Anar";