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Anuloma -Viloma Pranayama

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Cure for: This is also known as Nadishuddhi pranayama. This pranayama is a process of purification. It strengthens the lungs and calms the nerves. It helps cure cough and cold, insomnia, chronic headache and asthma.


  • Sit in any comfortable meditative pose, keeping your head, neck and spine erect.
  • Rest your left hand on your left knee.
  • Close your right nostril by pressing the tip of your right thumb against it.
  • Breathe out slowly through the left nostril. Inhale slowly and deeply through the left nostril, keeping the right nostril closed.
  • Close your left nostril with the little finger and ring finger of your right hand and exhale through the right nostril.
  • Then inhale through the right nostril, keeping the left nostril closed and, lastly, exhale through the left nostril, keeping the right nostril closed.
  • This completes one round of anuloma-viloma.
  • Repeat the entire process.
  • Inhaling and exhaling should be done very slowly, without making any sound.
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