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The Twist Posture

Cure for: This asana exercises the vertebrae and keeps them in good shape. It helps the liver, spleen, bladder, pancreas, intestines and other abdominal organs, and also stretches and strengthens the spinal nerves. This asana is beneficial in the treatment of obesity, dyspepsia, asthma and diabetes.

Description: This is the half position of Matsyendrasana, which is named after the great sage Matsyendra.


        * Sit erect on the ground, stretching your legs in front of you. Insert your left heel in the perineum, keeping the left thigh straight.

        * Place your right foot flat on the floor, crossing the left knee.

        * Pass your left arm over the right knee and grasp the big toe of your right foot.

        * Grasp your left thigh from the rear with your right hand.

        * Turn your head, neck, shoulders and trunk to the right bringing your chin in line with the right shoulder.

        * Maintain this position for a few seconds, gradually increasing the duration to 2 minutes.

        * Repeat the same process on the other side for the same duration.

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