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Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

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Cobra Pose

Cure for: This asana has great therapeutic value in the treatment of diseases like cervical spondylitis (type of arthritis that affects the spine or backbone), bronchitis, asthma and eosinophillia. It removes weakness of the abdomen and tones up the reproductive system in women. It exercises the vertebrae, back muscles and the spine.


  • Lie on your stomach with your legs straight and feet together, toes pointing backwards.
  • Rest your forehead and nose on the ground.
  • Place your palms below the shoulders and your arms by the side of the chest.
  • Inhale and slowly raise your head, neck, chest and upper abdomen from the navel up.
  • Bend your spine back and arch your back as far as you can looking upwards.
  • Maintain this position and hold your breathe for a few seconds.
  • Exhale, and slowly return to the original position.
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