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Chiretta or Kirata

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Latin Name(s): Swertia chirayita / Swertia  Chirata

English Name(s): Chiretta

Sanskrit / Indian Name (s): Kirata


Cure for: It is an excellent medicine for strengthening the stomach and promoting its action thus used in treating stomach disorders like dyspepsia and diarrhea. its anthelmintic properties help in destroying intestinal worms. An infusion of the herb is taken for this purpose. The root of the plant is useful in curing hiccups and vomiting. The herb can also be used for range of other diseases and conditions including leprosy, leucoderma, scabies, neuro-muscular disorders, menorrhagia, menstrual irregularity, urinary disease, heart disease, asthma, cough , dyscrasia, Ulcer, jaundice and anemia.

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"Chiretta or Kirata";