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Castor or Eranda

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Latin Name(s): Ricinus communis

English Name(s): Castor

Sanskrit / Indian Name (s): Eranda, Gandharva hasta


Cure for: Castor Oil the most product from plant is regarded as one of the most valuable laxatives in medicine. It is of special service in temporary constipation and wherever a mild action is essential, and is extremely useful for children and the aged. It is also used in cases of colic and acute diarrhea due to slow digestion, but must not be employed in cases of chronic constipation, which it only aggravates whilst relieving the symptoms.  The oil will purge when rubbed into the skin, or injected. It is also used for expelling worms. Erand is useful in Rheumatism, Jaundice in hepatitis, Constipation and painful joints. Its seed poultice is applied to mature boils to promote bursting and to reduce gouty and rheumatic swellings.

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"Castor or Eranda";