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Indian Bdellium or Guggulu

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Latin Name(s): Commiphora wightii, Balsamodendron mukul

English Name(s): Indian Bdellium

Sanskrit / Indian Name (s): Guggulu


Cure for: The guglipid (resin from guggal tree) is known to increase white blood cell counts and possess strong disinfecting properties. Scientists have found that the extract of guggal tree can help reduce cholesterol. It helps reduce high cholesterol, because it lowers harmful low-density lipoproteins while elevating the beneficial high-density lipoproteins. It helps prevent blood platelet aggregation and breaks up already formed blood clots. Thus, it helps prevent heart disease and stroke. It also acts as weight loss agent as it enhances thyroid function.

It stimulates the activity of white blood cells in the body and helps to the build-up of the immune system. It also helps eliminate and expel dead tissues, wastes, and toxins from the body. It may also be used to treat arthritis and reduce inflammation of the joints. A broad mode of action makes this herb very helpful even in protecting against ailments such as common cold, and various skin, dental and ophthalmic infections. It was traditionally combined with other herbs for the treatment of arthritis, skin diseases, pains in the nervous system, obesity, digestive problems, infections in the mouth, and menstrual problems.

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"Indian Bdellium or Guggulu";