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Shoe-Flower or Jabapushpa

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Latin Name(s): Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

English Name(s): Shoe-Flower

Sanskrit / Indian Name (s): Jaba, Japapushpa


Cure for: Mainly the flower petals and leaves are used for medicines. The flower petals are well known for stimulating fair growth, preventing premature graying of hair, preventing hair loss and correcting scalp disorders.

In the combination with other herbs namely amla and brahmi it is used as a mild shampoo for babies. The herb is very useful in problems related to female menstruation. The flower and leaf extracts are used to regulate the menstrual cycle, to control excessive bleeding during menstruation and to treat other  problems related to the menstrual cycle in women. The root is also used in drugs that are useful in treating venereal disease. Some scientific studies have confirmed  the contraceptive action of  flowers of Gurhal/Hibiscus

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"Shoe-Flower or Jabapushpa";