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Latin Name(s): Leptadenia reticulata

English Name(s):

Sanskrit / Indian Name (s): Jivani, Jivanti, Madhusrava


Cure for: According to Ayurveda jivanti is jeevana tonic that boost energy level of the body. It is mainly advisable to those who suffers from weak debility or a lack of energy. It is a cooling, mucilaginous, demulcent herb with light strengthening and tonic properties traditionally used in the treatment of seminal discharges and snake bite. This herb is beneficial if used externally in various skin diseases, wounds and inflammation of the skin. It can be used in treating various body ailments like raktapitta or bleeding disorders, burning sensation of the body ,  fever, cough (with phlegm), dehydration, tuberculosis, weak eyesight, and colitis.

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