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Climbing Staff Tree or Jyotishmati

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Latin Names: Celastrus Paniculatus

English Name(s): Climbing Staff Tree

Sanskrit / Indian Name (s): Jyotishmati, Kanguni


Cure for: The oil extracted from these seeds have been used to sharpen the memory and also for ulcers, sores, rheumatism, and gout. The seeds Jyotishmati contains triterpenoids zeylasterone, Mal III A, MalI III B, and seylasteral.

The extracts of Jyotishmati have is useful for anxiety, and contains anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. Jyotishmati is used as brain and liver tonic, it cure joint-pains, paralysis and weakness, good for cough and asthma and also useful in leprosy,  headache and leucoderma.

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"Climbing Staff Tree or Jyotishmati";