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Black Cumin or Kalajeera

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Latin Names: Nigella Sativa

English Name: Small Fennel, Black Cumin

Sanskrit / Indian Name: Kalonji, Kalajira, Kalajaji, Mugrela, Upakuncika


Cure for: The little black seeds of plant are highly effective as an appetizer. It helps relieving gastric distention, improving digestion and act as anti - diarrhea. The seeds has a specific affinity for purishavahasrotas and treats loose stool, diarrhea, dysentery, bloating and gas. It also clears intestinal parasites. It is an effective de-stagnator of the lungs thus helpful in treating asthma and cough. It clears kapha accumulations from the uterus and effectively treats dysmenorrhoea and an irregular menstrual cycle.  It is also effective in acne, pimples, boils and other skin ailments. It leaves tonic effect on majja dhatu and calms the mind and helps curing nervous disorders. It is also known as a medhya herb that increase the power of the brain and enhances clear thinking and concentration.

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"Black Cumin or Kalajeera";