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Lotus or Kamal

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Latin Name(s): Nelumbo Nucifera

English Name(s): Lotus

Sanskrit / Indian Name (s): Kamal, Kanwal


Cure for: It is useful for both kapha and pitta type people as it has the quality to control both the elements. Due to its cold potency it is helpful in controlling the burning sensation and improving the mental condition. It is also helpful in improving the skin texture and complexion. It helps in regularizing the peristaltic movements. It also works in treatment of urine related problems. It is also helpful in maintaining the body’s normal temperature. It has been used in traditional remedies for various ailments like diarrhea, skin infections, bleeding disorders and cough, etc. Some of the body conditions that in which lotus can be used include nausea, indigestion, dehydration, diarrhea, dysentery, heart troubles, leucorrhea and general body weakness.

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"Lotus or Kamal";