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Ironwood Tree or Nagkesar

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Latin Name(s): Mesua ferrea

English Name(s): Ironwood Tree

Sanskrit / Indian Name (s): Keshara, Nagakesara, Nagapushpa, Nagkesar


Cure for: Though all the parts of plant is used in various medicinal preparations the main extract from the plant is the volatile oil that is extracted from the flowers.

This oil has antibacterial, antifungal and anthelmintic properties and shows excellent anti-inflammatory and styptic activity. The root of this herb is used as an antidote for snake poison, the dried flowers are used for bleeding hemorrhoids and dysentery with mucus while the fresh flowers are useful for excessive thirst, excessive perspiration, cough, and indigestion, the seed oil obtained from the plant is considered to be very useful in vata disorders and skin diseases, the stamen is useful for controlling bleeding in menorrhagia and piles.

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"Ironwood Tree or Nagkesar";