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Paschimottanasana (Posterior Stretching Pose)

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Cure for: Paschimottanasana is a good stretching exercise in which the posterior muscles get stretched and relaxed. It relieves sciatica, muscular rheumatism of the back, backache, lumbago and asthmatic attacks. It is also valuable in constipation, dyspepdis and other abdominal disorders.


Sit erect.

Stretch your legs out in front of you, keeping them close to each other.

Bend your trunk and head forward from the waist without bending your knees and grasp the big toes with your rest your forehead on your knees.

With practice, the tense muscles become supple enough for this exercise.

Old persons and persons whose spine is still should do this asana slowly in the initial stages.

The final pose need be maintained only for a few seconds.

Return to the starting position gradually.

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