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Pavanmuktasana (Gas-Releasing Pose)

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Cure for: This asana strengthens the abdomineal muscles and internal abdominal organs like the liver, spleen, pancreas and stomach. It helps release excessive gas from the abdomen and relieves flatulence.


    Lie flat on your back, hands by your side.

    Fold your legs back, placing your feet flat on the floor ; make a fingerlock with your hands and place them a little below the knees.

    Bring your thighs up near your chest.

    Exhale and raise your head and shoulders and bring your nose between your knees.

    This is the final position.

    Maintain this pose for a few seconds and repeat three to five times.

    Reverse the procedure to get back to the original position.

Note: Persons suffering from constipation should do this exercise in the morning after drinking lukewarm water to help proper evacuation of the bowels.

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