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Safed Moosli

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Latin Name(s): Chlorophytum Borivilianum

English Name(s):

Sanskrit / Indian Name (s): Safed Moosli


Cure for: It is rich source of over 25 alkaloids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, steroid, saponins (A group of compounds which are produced naturally in a variety of plant) and polysaccharides etc. It is Aphrodisiac (A substance that acts on the mind and allows the arousal of sexual desire), tonic, pain reliever and used to cure general debility and impotency. Its powder increases lactation in feeding mothers and lactating cows. It is being increasingly used in Ayurvedic Sexual Tonics.

By virtue of being a herb, Safed Musli has been found to be an ideal aphrodisiac with no negative side-effects associated with chemical-based aphrodisiac. Safed Musli is mainly used for therapeutic application in ayurveda, unnani and allopathy medicines, as an effective alternative to Viagra, as a curative for pre-natal and post-natal problems, as an immunity improving drug, as a remedy for diabetes and arthritis and as an Aphrodisiac Agent and Vitalizer, as a restorative for immunity-improvement, as a remedy for diabetes and arthritis.

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