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Sarvagasana (Shoulder Stand Pose)

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Shoulder Stand

Cure for: Sarvangasana helps relieve bronchitis, dyspepsia, varicose veins and peps up the digestion. It stimulates the thyroid and para-thyroid glands, influences the bran, heart and lungs. It helps lymphatic juices to circulate in the brain and strengthens the mind.

Description: In Sanskrit ‘sarva’ means whole and ‘anga’ means limb. Almost all parts of the body are involved in and benefit from this asana.


Lie flat on your back with your arms by the side, palms turned down.

Bring your legs up slowly to a 90 degree angle and then raise the rest of the body by pushing the legs up and resting their raise the rest of the body by pushing the legs up and resting their weight on the arms.

Fix your chin in jugular notch, and use your arms and hands to support the body at the hip region.

The weight of the body should rest on your head, back and shoulders, your arms being used merely for balance.

The trunk and legs should be in a straight line.

The body, legs , hips and trunk should be kept as vertical as possible. Focus your eyes on your big toes.

Press your chin against your chest.

Hold the pose for one to three minutes.

Return to the starting position slowly reversing the procedure.

Note: This asana should not be done by those suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease and eye trouble.

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