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Asparagus or Shatavari

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Latin Name(s): Asparagus racemosus

English Name(s): Asparagus

Sanskrit / Indian Name (s): Shatavari


Cure for:  Its main use has been to increase milk secretion during lactation. It is known as the Indian 'Female Rejuvenative', as it is helpful in cases of low milk production, low sex drive, menopause, PMS, and infertility. It helps to balance hormonal system of women and regulates menstruation and ovulation. It is also useful for decreasing morning sickness, infertility, menopause, leucorrhoea, inflammation of sexual organs, and general sexual debility. The male reproductive system will also benefit from Shatavari. It can be used in cases of sexual debility, impotence, Spermatorrhoea, and inflammation of Sexual organs. The powdered dried root of Shatavari is also used in Ayurveda for dyspepsia. The herb is also useful in gastric ulcers, hyperacidity, dysentery, bladder infections, chronic fevers, rheumatism, inflamed membranes of the lungs. It also used as a nerve tonic and is good for heart. It also strengthens and increases muscle tone and increases general body strength.

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"Asparagus or Shatavari";