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Shirshasana (Topsyturvy Pose)

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Cure for: Regular practice of shirshasana will benefit the nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory and endocrine systems. This asana helps cases of dyspepsia, seminal weakness, varicose veins, arteriosclerosis, jaundice, renal colic and congested liver.

Description: Shirsha means ‘head ‘. In this asana, one stands on one’s head.


Kneel on the ground, interlocking the fingers of both hands.

Place the ‘Locked fingers‘ on the ground in front of you, keeping the elbows apart.

Support your head on the locked finger.

Start raising your knees one at a time, to chest level.

Then raise your feet slowly so that the calf muscles touch the thighs.

Breathe normally.

This is the first stage which should be done perfectly as the balance of the final posture depends mainly on this stage.

Next, raise your knees first and then slowly raise the feet so that the whole body is straight, like a pillar.

This is the final pose.

Return to the original position by reversing the order, step by step.

Initially the asana should be done for 60 seconds only.

The duration may be gradually increased by a further 10 seconds each week.


This asana should not be done jerkily (or in haste).

Those suffering from oozing from the ears, iritis, high blood pressure or a weak heart should not practice this asana.

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