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Bamboo or Vanshlochan

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Latin Name(s): Bambusa Arundinacea

English Name(s): Bamboo

Sanskrit / Indian Name (s): Vanshlochan


Cure for: An ointment from the root is said to be a folk remedy for cirrhosis and hard tumors, especially tumors of the abdomen, liver, spleen and stomach. Tabasheer, a siliceous secretion obtained from the plant considered as aphrodisiac, cooling, and tonic and used in asthma, cough and debilitating diseases. The plant has got anti-ulcer activity also. The methanol extract of the leaves of Bambusa arundinacea  has anti-inflammatory effect and anti-ulcer activity. The extracts of vanshlochan are used along with modern medicines for long-term treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis with peptic ulcer, which are common. It is also useful in treatment of leprosy, skin diseases, burning sensation, fever, cough, debilitating diseases and in asthma.

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"Bamboo or Vanshlochan";