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Elephant Creeper or Vidhara Lakdi

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Latin Name(s): Argyreia nervosa / A.speciosa

English Name(s): Elephant Creeper

Sanskrit / Indian Name (s): Vidhara Lakdi, Vriddadaru


Cure for:  It helps in healing of wounds and increases blood circulation to the affected part. It strengthens the nervous system and promotes memory. It is anti inflammatory in action and is cardiac supporter. It helps in digestion. It is also helpful in throat related problems. It increases sperms count and decreases the inflammation in the uterus. It is also helpful in resolving urine related problems and is also effective in diabetes. It also strengthens the body.  The roots of the plant are useful in vitiated conditions of kapha and vata, emaciation, wounds, ulcers, anorexia, dyspepsia, flatulence, colic, constipation, cardiac debility, inflammations, cough, bronchitis, strangury, seminal weakness, nervous weakness, cerebral disorders, synovitis, hemorrhoids, obesity, hoarseness, syphilis, anemia, diabetes, tuberculosis, arthritis, ascites, leucorrhoea and general debility.

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"Elephant Creeper or Vidhara Lakdi";